Mathallen, one of the best Tromsø Restaurants

7 Best Tromsø Restaurants and cafes 2023

Tromsø, situated far within the Arctic Circle, is often lauded for its stunning natural beauty, but the city also boasts a thriving culinary scene that’s waiting to be discovered. Despite its remote location, the array of dining options is impressive, and the best Tromsø restaurants showcase a blend of traditional Norwegian fare and international cuisine.

The city’s eateries take full advantage of the fresh, locally sourced seafood from the surrounding icy waters, offering a genuine taste of the Arctic. Moreover, the indigenous Sámi culture enriches the culinary diversity, introducing reindeer and other unique ingredients to the menu. As a visitor, you’ll find that the best Tromsø restaurants provide not only nourishment but also a gateway to understanding the local culture and the Arctic lifestyle.

Whether it’s through a hearty bowl of fish soup, a plate of freshly caught king crab, or a contemporary take on international dishes, Tromsø’s restaurants and cafes are a delightful exploration of flavours.

This article aims to guide food enthusiasts through six notable establishments where they can try a range of delicious offerings, from the traditional to the exotic.

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Best Tromsø Restaurants & Cafes


Mathallen, one of the best Tromsø Restaurants

Located near the harbour, Fiskekompaniet offers a pristine view of the sea, which perfectly complements its seafood-centric menu. The ambiance is elegant with a touch of rustic charm, reflecting the rich maritime heritage of Tromsø. Menu offerings include a variety of fresh seafood like king crab, halibut, and cod, prepared with a contemporary twist. Pricing is on the higher end.

Emmas Drømmekjøkken

Emmas Drømmekjøkken exudes a classic, elegant ambiance, with its fine dining setup. The menu offers a variety of Norwegian and international dishes, prepared with a modern, sophisticated touch. Pricing is on the higher end, fit for one of the best Tromsø restaurants. Unique features include their well-curated wine list and personalized service.

Mathallen Tromsø

Located near the city centre, Mathallen Tromsø delivers a culinary adventure for food enthusiasts keen on exploring innovative dishes. With its staunch commitment to using only seasonal produce sourced from the Arctic environment, it offers a dining experience that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. The menu, though not extensive, is highly curated and reflects a well-thought-out blend of simplicity and quality. Not to be overlooked is the restaurant’s wine list.

Casa Inferno

Casa Inferno is a lively and vibrant place, with a distinct steampunk decor. The ambience is casual and energetic, often buzzing with locals and tourists alike. The menu is primarily centred around authentic wood-fired pizzas, with a variety of creative toppings to choose from. Additionally, they offer a selection of pasta dishes and other Italian classics. Pricing is moderate, offering good value for an authentic Italian meal experience in the heart of Tromsø.

Bardus Bistro

Bardus is one of the selected best Tromsø Restaurants

Bardus Bistro is a snug eatery with a homely, relaxed ambience. The menu revolves around traditional Norwegian dishes with a modern flair, priced moderately. The essence of Bardus lies in its dedication to local sourcing, with nearly every ingredient tracing its roots to Tromsø and its surroundings. This strong localization is not just a nod to sustainability but also a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of the north, manifesting in dishes that feature reindeer, king crab, cod tongue and occasionally, whale.

Risø Mat & Kaffebar

Risø coffe bar

Risø is a trendy lunch spot known for its modern, minimalist decor and a casual, laid-back atmosphere. The menu offers a range of light lunch dishes. Pricing is moderate, providing good value for the quality and portion sizes. A unique feature is their selection of high-quality coffees.


Tøllefsenhjørnet has established itself as a staple for both the coffee connoisseur and the wine aficionado. The establishment, which began in 1924 as “Tøllefsen Kolonial,” has seen the transformation from a local grocery to a modern wine bar and café under the guidance of Ida Kristine Stephansen, a descendant of founder Lauritz Tøllefsen.

Today, Tøllefsenhjørnet is renowned for its curated selection of natural wines, a highlight that distinguishes it in the city’s bustling culinary scene. The bar offers an intimate exploration into the world of natural wines, with each bottle thoughtfully selected to represent the breadth and diversity of low-intervention winemaking. This commitment to quality extends to their coffee offerings, with beans sourced from the barista champion Tim Wendelboe.

Northern Norwegian Food Culture and Traditions

Arctic food culture is deeply rooted in its harsh climatic conditions and the necessity to preserve food. This led to the tradition of fermenting fish and meats, which is still prevalent today. The dining etiquette is simple yet respectful, with importance given to communal eating. Breakfasts are hearty with a spread of bread, cheese, and cured meats, while dinners are early and usually the main meal of the day. Weekends are for ‘kos’, the Norwegian concept of coziness, often enjoyed with coffee, pastries, and good company.


Tromsø offers a vibrant food scene that goes beyond its Arctic, remote location. From traditional Norwegian fare to contemporary, inventive dishes, the city’s restaurants and cafes provide a culinary journey that reflects the essence of the region. The reliance on locally sourced, fresh ingredients not only supports sustainability but also delivers an authentic taste of northern Norway.

As you venture through the best Tromsø restaurants and cafes, you’ll discover a narrative of the region’s culture, history, and the resilient spirit of its people through every bite. The blend of traditional and modern, local and global, makes Tromsø a delightful gastronomic destination that tells stories beyond the plate. So, whether you’re indulging in a hearty reindeer stew, savouring the catch of the day, or warming up with a cup of coffee amidst the Arctic chill, the culinary adventures in Tromsø are sure to enrich your Norwegian voyage.

A few words on salmon to end the article. It’s easy to think that the Salmon served in Tromsø is of higher quality than anything you can find elsewhere. But the farmed salmon you can buy in Norway is exactly the same as you will find back home, and it’s unlikely to feature on the menus of the best Tromsø restaurants. Salmon can safely be at the bottom of the list of local specialities to try.

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