How it started

Hi, I’m Viktor Enoksen, the creator and local guide behind CoolWanderer. I was born and raised in a scenic fjord of Northern Norway, a place where whales visit every winter. The Arctic isn’t just where I grew up; it’s a region that I have explored extensively, and it continues to captivate me with its beauty.

My travels have taken me around the globe, including a significant time spent in the UK. The experiences I gathered along the way have only deepened my appreciation for my Arctic home. Now, with a fresh perspective, I am more eager than ever to share the charm of the Arctic with others looking for a Northern Lights holiday.

Through CoolWanderer, I intend to share my local knowledge about the best ways to explore the Arctic, from chasing the Northern Lights to whale watching adventures in the very fjords I grew up around. I provide tailored itineraries and insightful guides to help travellers unlock the best of what the Arctic has to offer. 

Having seen the world, I’ve come to value the unique experiences available in the Arctic, and I’m here to help others discover this extraordinary part of the world. Whether you are planning a Northern Lights holiday or looking to explore the broader Arctic culture and environment, CoolWanderer aims to provide authentic and invaluable insights to enhance your Arctic adventure.

About CoolWanderer

CoolWanderer’s aim is to provide helpful information to those looking to explore the Arctic, with a special focus on experiencing a Northern Lights holiday. The blog emerged from a desire to offer visitors from across the globe a reliable and informative resource that could help them plan their Arctic adventures effectively.

With a background in storytelling and an inherent passion for words, the transition to creating a travel blog was a means to combine professional skills with a personal ambition to promote the Arctic’s unique attractions. The primary goal has always been to equip travellers with accurate, useful information that would enable them to make the most of their visit to the Arctic.

We want to serve as a dedicated guide for anyone interested in exploring the Arctic, offering well-researched articles, travel tips, and recommended itineraries. Through this platform, readers can access information to assist them in planning their trip, whether it’s chasing the Northern Lights, whale watching around Tromsø, or exploring the fjords and landscapes.

The blog is committed to offering an authentic, well-informed gateway to the Arctic based on the knowledge of locals.